Add store and terms

  • Add shop items with XML file:
    Each store must register in the system as a seller and complete account verification. Items can be added with an XML file here.
  • Possibility to buy items online and receive them in Latvia
    The store must provide the opportunity for customers to purchase items online and receive them in the territory of Latvia. Delivery can take place with a delivery service or customers can come and pick up the product at the designated pick-up location.
  • The payment and delivery process is described:
    The store must provide a detailed description of the payment and delivery process. Customers should clearly understand how to pay, what payment methods are available (e.g. credit card, bank transfer, etc.) and what the delivery time and cost policy is.
  • A catalog export XML file has been created in accordance with the requirements of EPirkt.lv:
    The store must create and provide a catalog export XML file that meets the specifications or requirements specified by EPirkt.lv. This file allows the store to synchronize its product assortment with the EPirkt.lv platform.
  • The store name and domain cannot be changed after registration: After the store registration, it is forbidden to change the store name and domain. This ensures consistency and maintains trust in the store's identity among customers.
  • It is forbidden to post reviews about the store or reward, as well as from devices installed in the store:
    The store is prohibited from publishing reviews or other information that promotes the praise of the store itself, its products or the rewards provided. In addition, the store is prohibited from using devices that create biased or misleading reviews.
  • It is forbidden to hold public contests with an invitation to post fake reviews:
    The store is prohibited from organizing public contests in which customers are asked or invited to post reviews about the store or its services. The purpose of this practice is to prevent fake reviews and promote objectivity in customer ratings.
  • Abusive use of the EPirkt.lv system is prohibited:
    The store is prohibited from abusing the EPirkt.lv system. For example. register multiple stores with an identical assortment of products or list the same product multiple times to manipulate prices or results. This practice is unacceptable.
  • The store may be blocked if there are too many complaints or suspicion of unfair commercial practices:
    A store may be closed if it receives a large number of complaints or there are reasonable suspicions of unfair commercial practices. This includes defrauding customers, providing insufficient quality of goods, or other dishonest activity. This measure is taken to protect the interests of consumers and maintain a fair and reliable trading environment.
  • XML file requirements

  • The file must be in UTF-8 encoding:
    The XML file exported from the store catalog must be created using UTF-8 encoding to ensure correct representation and interpretation of symbols.
  • File loading time should be up to 3 minutes:
    When the store's catalog is exported and sent to EPirkt.lv, the file loading time from the store's side should not exceed 3 minutes. This ensures that information about goods is updated and available to EPirkt.lv users.
  • The full price is indicated in EUR currency:
    For all products, the full price in EUR must be specified in the XML file. This allows EPirkt.lv users to see the exact price at which the product could be purchased.
  • Only products with delivery terms of up to 30 days are listed:
    The XML file should include only those products whose delivery dates do not exceed 30 days. This helps EPirkt.lv users to get accurate information about how long they should wait to receive the product after placing the order.
  • One item is specified only once:
    Each item that is included in the XML file must be specified only once.
  • The specified amount of goods in stock is also indicated on the store's product description page:
    The amount of goods in stock specified in the XML file must match the information displayed on the store's item description page. This ensures that EPirkt.lv users have access to accurate information about availability and warehouse status.
  • Product and category names must be appropriate for the product, indicating the manufacturer and model of the product:
    Each product and category name in the XML file must specify the manufacturer and model of the product or other relevant information that helps identify the product accurately.
  • Product links must point in full to the registered domain:
    If product links are provided in the XML file, they must be provided in full and point to the registered domain. This ensures that users can access specific products directly from EPirkt.lv using the correct links to the store's home page.
  • The image must describe the appearance of the product and must not be placed on top of the store logo or other images that do not relate to the appearance of the product:
    In the event that the XML file includes images of the product, they must describe the appearance and characteristics of the product. Images must not contain store logos or other images unrelated to the appearance or essential information of the particular item.
  • Alcohol and tobacco products must not be included in the XML file:
    EPirkt.lv does not allow the inclusion of alcohol and tobacco products in the XML file. Please ensure that your export file does not contain entries for such items to meet these requirements.

The XML file should be placed on the Internet for public access e.g.: https://www.domain.lv/export/epirkt.xml
The XML file should be automatically generated daily.
The description and additions to the XML tags may change, so it's a good idea to check this page from time to time.

XML tags:

Product SKU number. A unique ID of the item in your internal systems. Allowed length: 100 characters.
Required value

Product name. Allowed length: 200 characters.
Required value
<name>Preces nosaukums</name>

Product link on the web. Allowed length: 500 characters.
Required value

Price EUR. For a numeric value with a period, with a decimal separator. 2 digits after the point ( 0.01 ).
Required value

Item condition, all items that are not new, value should be stated `1`.

Full category name with all supercategories. Category separator `|` without quotes. Allowable length including spaces and separator: 200 characters.
Required value

Category link that can be opened on us web. Allowable length up to 500 characters

Image link up to 500 characters. The maximum image size is 2MB
Required value

Available quantities of goods in stock available.
Required value

Product trademark.
Required value

Product model.

Product color in Latvian or English

Item Manufacturer Part Number ( MPN ) code of the product.

Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) code of the product. It can be EAN, UPC, JAN, ISBN code.

The value `1` must be specified for adult goods, goods of a sexual or intimate nature. Mandatory tag for sellers of intimate goods

Drug dealers should indicate the value `1` if the product is an over-the-counter drug, or the value `2` if it is a prescription drug.

XML Example:

If the tag is not required, you can leave it blank or not put it at all.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
      <name>Preces nosaukums virsraksts kas arī ir atslēgvārdi pec kuriem strādā meklētājs.</name>